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Home of the Plexi-Covers for your Fight Stick! This Homepage will be dedicated to announcements and updates.

11/18/18 : Happy Holidays Everyone!

Just wanted to make a post today. I've had a few asking whether we're still in business, or if we've migrated to the new site already since I haven't updated in a while.

So yes, we're very much in business. But no, we haven't migrated to the new site yet. I've been involved in various projects, so my time has been spread a bit thin when it comes to site updates, particularly so when trying to work on the new site. With all the options that are available in our products, it's been a challenge trying set everything up, so it's just coming slower than expected. Our primary goal is still to get everyone's orders out on time, so that is our focus.

Also, we've been asked a lot about making 35mm holes for the joystick for Korean sticks, and yes, we can make a 35mm hole in any of our products. So assuming you've already done the 35mm modification to your metal panel, you just need to let us know the notes that you want a 35mm hole for your plexi/artwork and we'll make that for you.

As for other customization requests, I'm afraid we're very limited on taking one-offs, due to the amount of projects on my plate. If you have Vector SVG, EPS files, or Autocad DXF files for your project, I might be able to help. But I cannot make custom cuts based on a photoshop template file.

In anycase, shoot me questions if you have them and I'll do my best to get back to you.

Have a great Holiday Season! Arthur H.
12/20/17 : Greetings everyone!

Added two more products today. First off, I initially didn’t plan on adding the Razer Panthera because it was mentioned to me that new screws may be needed for the process, and I wasn’t entirely sure I want to stock up on another set of screws. But, due to an overwhelming request, I checked further and discovered that we can use the original screws from the Panthera if we simply countersink the screw holes on our Plexi covers. So here’s the links to the details and installation, and the plexi/artwork section!

Panthera Installation
Panthera Plexi and Artwork section

And next we have the Obsidian. With every Obsidian Plexi purchase, I am going to throw in a free Mirrored JLF Dustwasher. It looks great with original Balltop! Here’s the direct link to the Plexi/Artwork section.

Obsidian Plexi and Artwork section

Next on our list right now is the Qanba Crystal/Q2 plexi & artwork.

Very likely within the next few months I’ll have a new website up. It’s been a long process as there’s just tons to setup due to all the configuration choices we have. Also, the new site won’t support the Panel builder anymore, so moving forward I’ll have to work on a new way for Custom Plexi Replacement Panel requests. Going to have some noticeable changes in 2018!

That’s all I have for now. Again, if you emailed me and I haven’t replied yet, please try to email me again. We’re experiencing heavy order and email volume so it may take longer for me to respond, or I may have missed some email due to the workload. I will try to get back to everyone as soon as I can. But feel free to email again if haven’t heard back in a few days.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Years!
-Arthur H.

9/18/17 : Hello everyone!

The ETOKKI Omni Arcade Plexi and Art options are now available! You can find them here:

Etokki - Omni Arcade Stick

You can select between the Sanwa and Korean editions. Again, please note that Artwork and Plexi are sold separately.

Thanks very much,
-Arthur H.

9/6/17 : Hello everyone!

Just a few updates...

First off, if you are looking for Plexi/Artwork for the "HORI Nintendo Switch Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa Fight Stick", please note that you'll need the layout for the HRAP 4/V Kai. We confirmed this recently, as the regular HRAP V does not match. Here's a shortcut to the Plexi/Artwork

HRAP 4/V Kai Plexi Cover
HRAP 4/V Artwork Print and Cut service

In other news, we've had a lot of request for Plexi and Artwork for the Etokki Omni Fightstick. I'm happy to say that I've recently finished creating the templates for the Sanwa and Korean versions. I just need time to set it up on the website. It will be up within a week or so.

Last, but not least, Our Qanba Obsidian order finally came in so I'm going to start working on the template. I'm aiming for 2 weeks as I clear out some other projects first. I'll update as soon as it's ready. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks very much,
-Arthur H.

7/26/17 : Good day everyone!

I've had a few ask if we were still in business since I haven't updated the home page in a while, and yes we are! My apologies for the hiatus on anything new. Been keeping quite busy with orders, various projects, and getting a little personal time from being a bit burnt out.

In any case, we're still taking orders as normal. Feel free to email with any other questions.

Finally going to work on the Qanba Obsidian template as soon as my order arrives.

I also have plans for a new website so got a very full plate

As for the Fighting Edge, I know I mentioned about getting that up a while ago, but I bumped into some technical issues with my printer and it wasn't doing larger prints at 13" x 19", which is required for the artwork size of the Edge. I still haven't had a chance to resolve it yet, so the Edge options have been on hold. I apologize for that that, again just a very full plate. I'll make more updates as I can.

Thanks very much,
-Arthur H.

8/11/16 : Good day everyone! Here are a few updates pertaining to the TE 2.

Due to popular demand, 1/32" Impact Modified Acrylic and a "Larger Button Hole" option is available for the TE Plexi and Artwork options for those who just want to place it over the buttons like the default setup. If this is what you want, just go to the TE 2 Products section and select the "Larger Button Hole" options. Please note, for the plexi, only the 1/32" thickness will have this option.

The 1/32" Thickness will default to the smaller holes with the buttons snapping on top. Please make sure to select the "Larger Button Holes" option for the version that goes over the buttons.

Also, the TE 2 Type-N have plexi and artwork have been discontinued. There's been some confusion regarding the Type-N and I'm afraid it's taking a lot of time to tend to orders with these misunderstandings so for now, they will be discontinued.

Thanks very much,
-Arthur H.

7/14/16 : Greetings everyone! Everyone looking forward to EVO2016?! We've certainly kept busy with EVO orders, so if we may have missed an email from you, please feel free to email us again.

We also want to mention we've worked to help printout some custom artwork from Cross Counter, "The Entertainment Network for Fighting Game Fans", and home of "The Excellent Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross". Their TE 2 artworks will be available at their EVO table, so swing by, take a look and support their Channel! www.crosscounter.tv

** Please note: These designs are Exclusive to Cross Counter and we will not reprint them without their permission.

In other news, we have Jasen's Custom TE 2 templates for Artwork printing and plexis. We're still working on the details to add them to the site, but you can email me for inquiries to place orders. I know some of you have already emailed me and I apologize I haven't responded yet as we've been focusing on getting orders out for EVO. I'll get back to you asap.

Fighting Edge templates are done, and we're still in the process of updating that on the site as well.

Thanks and have a great time at EVO!

Cheers, -Arthur H.

3/7/16 : Hello everyone! I have forgone sleep to quickly make the templates for the TES+ and HRAP V!

They are currently available in the products section. The TES+ is in its own category and the HRAP V is in the HRAP V3/VX, 4 Kai, etc, Category.

I haven't had a chance to take pictures yet. I figured some of you guys have been waiting to place an order, so I'll work on the photos later.

The photoshop templates are also available in the Templates section.

More to come on the other templates.

Cheers, -Arthur H.

2/29/16 : Good day everyone! I've had some questions of whether our business was still running since I haven't updated the site in a while, so I'm going to update with a few things on our plates.

So first off, yes we're very much still in business. In fact, the reason there hasn't been any big updates of new stuff is because we've been incredibly busy since SFV was on the horizon. Our order and email volume increased 3 to 4 fold and we're using up every bit of time and energy to fulfill orders.

With that, please bear in mind the following, and we appreciate your patience!

  • Tek-Cases take the longest to make. We might be behind on some Tek-Case orders by a day or two. I greatly apologize for this, and we are working as fast as we can.
  • Our Email inbox has been flooded with a lot of questions. If you have a question relating to your order and we haven't gotten back to you within 48hrs, please send another email.
  • If you have other questions, please take a look at our "Useful Information/FAQ" section to see if your question is already addressed.
  • We are not taking any new custom requests at this time. If we do not currently service your fightstick, and it's not on our "todo" list (below), then we don't have any current plans to support it. We'll have to review a new "todo" list at a later time.

We Also got a lot of questions for new products and here's what's currently on our plate. Please also bear in mind that with our current workload, I'm not entirely sure when I'll complete everything. I'll just have to update as I finish new templates.

  • Hori Fighting Edge
  • Q1 - In testing
  • TES+ - Waiting on Fightstick

That's it for now. If we don't already have a product for your fightstick and it's not currently on our list, then we're not going to have an option for it anytime soon. You can email me suggestions, but I can't make any promises at this time.

Thanks again, everyone, for your continued support, and your patience. Enjoy SFV!

Cheers, -Arthur H.

7/27/15 : The HRAP V4 KAI Plexi and Artwork is now available!

They can be found in the HORI RAP V3/V4/VX SA Plexi & Artwork section. Just scroll down to the last 2 items.

Or, here is the direct link to the Plexi, and to the Artwork Print and Cut service.

Also, I've confirmed that the HRAP V4 Plexi and Artwork is identical to the HRAP V3 configuration, so you just need to select the HRAP V3/VX Plexi and Artwork. To confirm, if This (Amazon Link) is the fightstick you have, then it will be compatible with the HRAP V3/VX options.

We will be working on the Madcatz TE2 Type-R plexi and artwork next, and then we will look into the HRAP V5.

Thank you, everyone, for your patience as we continue to review and support the latest fightsticks!

Cheers, -Arthur H.

7/19/15 : Hope everyone had a great EVO2015!

My apologies on the lack of updates and being behind on emails. We've been very busy working on EVO 2015 projects, and one of them happened to be with MadCatz. We were involved with the Madcatz Gold TE2 Prize sticks. We used a gold pearl stock for the artwork cutout, and we etched the EVO, Madcatz and gaming logos on our 1/16" Plexi. You may have already seen it:

* Photo from Madcatz FaceBook page

It was quite a project and we're always happy to work with MadCatz.

Here are a few other updates to be expecting:

PS4 HRAP 4 KAI - The template is complete. We just need to take some pictures and get it up on our site. We should have that avaialble by the end of this week.

TE2 Type-R (NOIR) - For those who got their hands on the Madcatz Type-R metal panel replacement, I will be working on this template right after I get the HRAP 4 Kai up on the site. Give me a few weeks.

If you sent us an email and haven't heard back from us yet, please try sending your email again. We've just been very busy so please try your email again.

Thanks again for your continued support, -Arthur H.

2/2/15 : The Razer Atrox plexi is available! You can get to it directly from this link HERE

Sorry for taking so long to make it available. We found that the original Atrox plexi was thicker than our standard 1/16" plexi, and thinner than the 1/8" plexi. To get something closest to the original we had to stock a 3/32" plexi specifically for the Atrox. While ordering the new material, our shipments were delayed during the Holiday season so it wasn't until recently that we got our new stock of material to test and finalize everything.

If you don't mind the extra protrusion of the 1/8" thick plexi, then we also have the Black, White, Gold Mirror and Clear Mirror options available. So whether you want a 6 button version, or one with etch options, or to simply replace a damaged plexi, we have it here!

Thanks everyone and hope your New Years started off wonderfully! -Arthur H.

10/14/14 : Tournament Edition 2 Plexi and Artwork Service Now Available!

You can find them in the TE 2 Section HERE.

But, please first read more info about our TE 2 products so you can understand the differences from the original TE 2 plexi and artwork. Click here for more details about the TE 2 Plexi and Artwork

Thanks very much,
Arthur H.

10/4/14 : Our site is back up from our host transition and should be faster and more stable. Thanks very much for your patience.

We are still monitoring our site to make sure everything is operating normally, but if you experience any site errors or ordering issues, please contact us and we'll check into it right away. We appreciate your help!

To re-itterate a few things:

TE 2 Stuff
TE 2 Plexi and Artwork will be added shortly. We're finishing up the PSD template and getting some pictures and instructions up.

After the TE 2 products are rolled out, we'll be finishing up the Atrox templates

HORI Fighting Edge and Official Hitbox, Qanba Q2 Glow
There have been a lot of requests for these fighstick templates, so that is on our plate and upcomming.

New Site Incoming
We've been working on a brand new site! This current site has been up since 2008, when we started out with just a few products. It's overdue for a face lift, and better interface options. Finding time for this has been a challenge, but it is necessary. We initially wanted to launch the new site when we migrated to our new host near the end of the year, but instability issues on the current host required us to move the site a lot sooner.

But come the New Year, or sooner, there will be a completely new site with a better user experience. Thanks very much,
Arthur H.

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