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Home of the Plexi-Covers for your Fight Stick! This Homepage will be dedicated to announcements and updates.

6/16/14 : Hello everyone! Not really an update on anything new, but recently we've been getting some questions on whether we're still in business since the site didn't have any updates for a while. The answer is Yes! We're still in business and continuing with high order volume and projects, which is why we haven't had a chance to update or add anything new recently.

We still want to add the TE 2 and Atrox products, so please stay tuned. We appreciate your patience!

Thanks very much,
Arthur H.

12/29/13 : PDP Injustice Fightstick Replacement Cover and Artwork services are now available! Apologies for the late addition of certain items. The Holidays have really added to the work load.

Winter discounts will continue until Jan 15, 2013. Afterwards, there will be some pricing adjustments which is still being determined. Acrylic costs and shipping costs are going up so there will be some evaluation of the items and options. I will continue to keep prices as reasonable as possible!

Thanks again and Happy New Years!

12/3/13 : Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are over, but Winter Holiday sales has begun.

Many of the items are 15%+ off!

A note about 1/8" Transparent Light Blue Plexi:

  • Transparent Light Blue plexi is currently out of stock, and I'm not sure when I will be replacing it.
  • Flourescent Blue will take its place. FL Blue is actually a slightly lighter blue, and the edges shine a lot more under certain lighting conditions. Basically, FL Blue is quite visually pleasing.
  • Due to this substitute, FL Blue will be priced down to Transparent Light Blue pricing.
  • All Light Blue Plexi orders will automatically be converted to Flourescent Blue, but I will notify and confirm with the customer first, before completing the order. The options would be to cancel the order, substitute with another color that is similarly priced, or change to the FL Blue.
  • Anyone ordering FL Blue during this time will be refunded the difference in price decrease.
  • Site wide changes on the Light Blue will be made this week. This is a heads up. Apologies for any dissapointments and thanks for your understanding.

  • PDP Injustice Fightstick products will be added this weekend.

    Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

    11/30/13 : Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sale has been EXTENDED!

    Since the sale, I've been getting a lot of emails, asking a lot of questions on my products. Due to the nature of our Customized business, it is understandable that there can be plenty of questions especially when there's a rush to create an order and take advantage of the great deals.

    Because of this, I've found that I am unable to answer everyone's email right away, but I don't want people to be penalized because I did not get to their question in time. Therefore, I'm extending the sale until Monday afternoon. Maybe longer if I still have a lot of questions to get through.

    So feel free to take advantage of the sale and I'll do the best I can to get back to everyone's questions.


    11/27/13 : Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sale!

    From now until Saturday 12AM PST (Extended), a big sale is going on throughout the site on Top Plexi and Artworks, along with some accessories like Dustwashers.

    Sales pricing are as follows:

    Tek Case = $50 (Reg $58)
    JLF Plexi Mounts = $1.25 (Reg $2.25)

    Top Plexi = $10 to $14 (Reg $15 to $20)
    All Top Artworks = $3.50 (Reg $7.50)

    Replacement Plexi Panels = $12 to $15 (Reg $18 - $22)

    Dustwashers = $0.50 to $2.00 (Reg $1.25 to $3.75)

    Thanks again everyone and Happy Holidays!

    9/08/13 : Good day everyone! Been having a lot of projects on my plate recently, so please pardon me if my email response is slow. Again, feel free to email me again if I haven't had a chance to reply to you after a few days. Now on to some updates.

    HORI Dead or Alive 5 Plexi cover and Artworks are now available!
    Thanks for your patience. Templates are also in my template section.

    Here are a few other things on the horizon:
    • PDP Injustice Fightstick Plexi and Artwork
    • RAZOR ATROX Fightstick Plexi and Artwork
    • Mini Tek-Cases with a completely new joint system and design.
    Thanks again, everyone, for your continued support and patience!

    5/14/13 : Hello everyone! There's been a few updates recently. In an effort to simplify the site, while new products will be added, some older and less commonly ordered products will be phased out.

    First off, here are a couple of additions.

    1) Due to popular demand, 1/16" Clear Plexi covers are back as an option, for most fightsticks. While the 1/32" has been very thin and durable, some prefer a more rigid cover so I'm bringing them back. The fightsticks that don't have the 1/16" option are because of the countersunk holes in their fightsticks that will not support that option.

    2) HRAP V3/VX SA KAI covers are finally available. Sorry for the wait on this. So for those with the KAI versions, where the joystick hole is farther from the buttons, this option is now available! Please look at the HRAP V3/VX section for the KAI versions.

    Here are the current items that are being removed from the site:

    • TE "Extended" versions. Only the Round 1 and TE-S/TE Full version will be available.
    • T5/T1 fightstick products.
    • Namco Fightstick products.
    • Dreamcast Agetec Products.
    • VSHG Products.

    I might still take special orders for those on a case by case basis. But since they are in such low demand, I want to lessen the clutter on my site's product section.

    That's it for now. There will be more updates coming! Thanks again everyone!

    12/10/12 : Happy Holidays and 10% Discount on everything!

    Hey everyone! Haven't had a chance to make any updates as I've been extremely busy (as usual). In fact, I've had a few people ask if we were still in business since we lacked recent updates. Well, yes we are and still running busy and working with Madcatz as you'll see for some of the VS cases to celebrate Street Fighter's 25th Anniversary event! I'm hoping to get pictures soon to show off.

    I know I'm a little late to the Holiday discounting, and haven't really had a chance to update my system to reflect any discounts at the moment. But in the spirit of things, I'm offering a 10% discount on your entire order (Minus tax and shipping charges) from now till end of January! The discount isn't automated as I haven't had time to tweak code at the moment, so I'll need you guys to do the following:

    In the Cart section of your order, enter into the following in the Special Production Notes: section.

    " **** 10% Holiday Discount **** "

    Then, once I go about processing the new orders within a week, I should have a semi-automated way to pick out your orders and I'll refund 10% of your order back to your paypal/CC account. I know this is a kind of a crude way of going about it, but please bear with me.

    For those who have just placed their orders recently and feel missed out, please don't be. If you've placed your order with me within the 1st of Decemember I will honor the discount. I will be going through my orders starting the 1st and initiating the 10% refund on orders. It will take a some time as I manually sort it all out, but it will happen.

    There are still new things to come, but as a small family business we have been quite busy, while also trying to find some personal time to enjoy the little things. So I do apologize to those who have been waiting on certain things like the Plexi button inserts. They are still incoming, but a few things on the setup and timing are still being sorted out.

    Thanks again everyone for your continued support, and Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!

    6/11/12 : Paypal Fixed

    Paypal apparently has resolved their shipping issues last week, but there were still a few kinks. I feel they're back on track now, and we've caught up on the shipping. Should paypal ever have these issues again, we do have a backup in place, so we're good to go. Thanks for everyone's patience.

    EVO 2012

    With EVO coming up, everyone's rushing to place their orders so it's going to be pretty crazy coming up. Due to the incoming load, I would suggest that to be sure you get your order shipped to you by the time you head for EVO, please place your order by 6/15. This should ensure all Domestic orders will reach you a few days before EVO. We will try to rush out orders as fast as we can, but I probably won't be able to offer any expedited services for those waiting last minute.

    Thanks everyone, and Good Luck at EVO 2012!

    5/6/12 : Mad Catz V.S. Side Panel and Center Back panel 1/8" plexi inserts now available! Available in the Madcatz V.S. Product section.

    Also, new 1/8" Mirror Gold color is available! - The Gold coloring definitely adds a very elegant feel to your fight stick when combined with the black casing.

    Samples of both can be seen in Madcatz's Facebook album showcasing the Gold Mirror panels we made for them.
    MadCatz FaceBook Link

    5/23/12 : Shipping Delays

    Unfortunately Paypal has been experiencing technical issues with their batch printing utility. They are aware of the issue, but there is no ETA to a fix at this time. Because of this, printing shipping labels for large batches has been incredibly time consuming, so I'm afraid there are some delays to shipping preparations. I'm very sorry about this, but the issue is out of my hands.

    If it's been 14 days and you still haven't recieved shipping notice, this is the reason. Orders are still going out, but at a much slower rate.

    While we are hoping that Paypal fixes their issues in the next day or two, we are also looking at a backup solution. One way or another we'll be back on track asap! If you feel the need to send complaints to Paypal, I welcome it as I share your frustration.

    Thanks very much for your patience and understanding.

    5/6/12 : Mad Catz V.S. Side Panel and Center Back panel 1/8" plexi inserts now available! Available in the Madcatz V.S. Product section.

    Also, new 1/8" Mirror Gold color is available! - The Gold coloring definitely adds a very elegant feel to your fight stick when combined with the black casing.

    Samples of both can be seen in Madcatz's Facebook album showcasing the Gold Mirror panels we made for them.
    MadCatz FaceBook Link

    3/22/12 : Mad Catz Soul Calibur V Plexi covers and Artwork services are now availabe!

    Please view the MadCatz TE Category and scroll down a little to find them.

    Artwork Template in the PSD Template section.

    3/18/12 : Lots of new product additions!

    - 1/32" Impact Modified Acrylic now available for top plexi covers.
    - Mad Catz V.S., Plexi Top, Bottoms, Sides and Artwork services.
    - Mad Catz PRO, Plexi Top, Bottoms and Artwork services.
    - HORI RAP V3/VX SA, Plexi Top and Artwork services.
    - Qanba Q4 & Eightarc Fusion Plexi top and Artwork services.
    - Hitbox Layout added to TekCase Configuration options.

    Incoming! Some items that I couldn't finish up over the weekend, but will be available very soon.

    - Mad Catz Soul Calibur V Plexi.
    - HORI Soul Calibur V Plexi.

    Other updates to the site

    - Added both Seimitsu and Sanwa button cuts to artwork selection.
    - Tek Case Version A has been removed. Only Tek Case Ver B are available.
    - Tek Case Hitbox layout is now available. Just select the configuration from the Tekcase config dropdown.
    - New button label etchings for Madcatz and HORI Products.

    Madcatz default buttons

    HORI default buttons

    Thanks for your patience and support, everyone!

    - Arthur H.

    3/12/12 : Incoming Product additions and other site updates!

    In a few days, the site is going down for some maintenance. There will be a lot of new item additions, and some price adjustments.

    Additions will include plexi covers for Mad Catz V.S., Mad Catz Pro, Qanba, and Hori RAP V3/VX fightsticks. Artwork options will also be available.

    I will also introduce new 1/32" Impact Modified Acrylic. This will offer a much thinner and sturdier plexi cover option. Before, the only 1/32" material was limited to Polycarbonate (Lexan), but laser cutting Lexan has its drawbacks. Now, after many months of searching, I finally found access to new Impact Modified Acrylic and it laser cuts beautifully. Acrylic also gives an advantage over Polycarbonates in that it has higher clarity, less prone to scratching and won't yellow over time in sun light. More info on this new material will be written up in the Useful Information section, and will be available after the site update.

    Also on my list of things to do are the Mad Catz Soul Calibur V and Hori Soul Calibur V fightsticks.

    As for some price adjustments, the Tek-Cases will increase slightly. It's been reduced by 20% since the Holidays, but due to the gas increases and overall increase to material prices, some price adjustments are necessary. But I'm aiming to only increase it by 10%, rather than back to the original price, to keep Tek-Cases a great affordable option for stick builders.

    Tek-Case S1-A versions will be removed. The majority of Tek-Case interests have been for the B versions, so the A version will be removed as part of the website updates.

    Hitbox layouts will be standard for selection in the Plexi Panel replacements and Tek-Case options as that has become wildly popular. Thanks everyone!

    - Arthur H.

    1/28/12 : Hello All! Hope everyone's New Years started with a blast!

    Just wanted to make a quick update/announcement. I mentioned I was going to end the Holiday Sale on the 15th of this month, and I believe many have noticed the sale is still going.

    Quite frankly business has been very busy and I haven't had a chance to revert back to the old pricing. But this tells me that this current pricing structure is very popular. So I figure, lets keep the current pricing structure until further notice!

    So thanks again everyone for your support! Also, because I've been kept quite busy, I've become a bit behind on emails.

    Basically I can only answer so many emails a day since I have to work on the orders myself, along side a couple of crew members. So sometimes when I haven't gotten to an email, and new email comes pouring in, things get pushed back and I don't always get a chance to review every single email.

    If you found that I haven't addressed your concerns please try to contact me again. Also please make sure to review my contacts page to know the best way to get my attention. For example, subject lines need to be relative to your interests and not too vague or general. Include order numbers AND the topic.

    Thanks for your understanding and have a great one!

    - Arthur H.

    11/25/11 : HOLIDAY SALE!

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

    To celebrate the holidays I am having a 20% off sale on all TekCase products, starting this Nov 25, 2011 through Jan 15, 2012. Additionally, there are also price reductions on various items within my store.

    This will be a great opportunity to experiment with new ideas, so take a look around!

    Hitbox Configuration for TekCase

    Additionally, I've had a lot of requests for the hitbox configuration for TekCases, so I have decided to accept custom hitbox configurations for the Tekcases at no extra charge. Since I don't currently have a custom configurator for the Tekcase I am improvising this method for the hitbox requests:

    1) Choose the Tekcase A or B.

    2) Select all your custom settings for all the parts. For the top configuration, just keep it default to Vewlix.

    3) In the cart, there is a special notes box. Enter the following in the box. "REQUESTED HITBOX CUSTOM LAYOUT". You MUST include this line in the notes or the order will not be processed as a custom layout.

    4) Once all your items are in the cart and you're ready to go through with the transaction, simply complete the order and wait for the email confirmation with your order number. Please review the order and make sure all items are correct.

    5) Next, go back to my site and go to the TE Panel builder.

    TE Panel Builder

    The Panel builder was meant for the TE replacement plexis, but we'll use it for the TekCase. Just move the buttons to your liking and save with your email and order number.

    Obviously the dimensions won't be the same, so I will be positioning your custom setting to be centered on the Tekcase where room will allow, giving the palm area as much space as I can. So please adjust your buttons relative to the center of the panel.

    **Note: If you're ordering a custom Hitbox configuration for the TekCase B (with the support layer), please allow an extra 2 to 3 more days for production as it takes extra time to create the template for support layer. And this is the only method I will accept custom Hitbox configurations. I will not accept drawn image submissions.

    Thanks again everyone, for your continued support, and have a great Holiday Season!

    -Arthur H.

    10/15/11 : DROMSTRUCTION!

    Hey Guys!

    For those going to Dromstruction at UC Davis next weekend, I'm selling an exclusive Artwork and Plexi Cover bundle. They are limited and will be sold through the Dromstruction booth.
    ** However, due to time constraints, I will not be attending the event.


    For more information on the event check out the links here:

    Facebook Link
    Official Website

    9/20/11 : Slight Delay on some orders

    Hello everyone!

    Just wanted to mention there may be a slight delay on some custom orders that were ordered around 9/8/11 to 9/10/11. I recently had minor medical procedures that left me pretty sedated (woozy) for the day, but also had some pain which required more meds that limited my functionality.

    So orders that needed my personal attention like custom etches, or specific notes, are delayed a day or two while I catch up during times of my consciousness.

    Most other orders are handled by my crew and should be on track. There may still be minor delays on various orders since I could not be reached to answer questions for them. As I'm recovering from the meds I will be back on track and getting through orders asap.

    Thanks very much for your understanding, and I apologize for the wait. Your patience is greatly appreciated!

    - Arthur H.

    7/19/11 : Just an Update - Crazy Month

    Hello everyone!

    I just wanted to point out that this month has been an incredibly busy month for me. I am aware I am behind on emails for some of you and I apologize.

    I've recently had orders from Capcom, Madcatz and Namco for projects relating to E3, Comic Con and EVO 2011. Hence, I am stretched to my limit. I am doing my best to tend to orders and address emails, but there has definitely been a known delay on email interaction.

    Again, I apologize but I ask to please understand the workload I am experiencing.

    If you have a time sensitive question that I haven't gotten to, please email me again. I've had a lot of emails asking questions that could be answered in my "FAQ" or "Useful Information" section, so I ask to please review those sections first if you have a general question. I don't want to get behind on orders so email is a second priority for me. That's not to say your email isn't important, but I can only split my time so much. I will continue to do my best, but I ask to please help by seeing if your general questions may have been answered on my site, or if your question can wait, please email me again at the end of this month, or if it's very time sensitive email me again with your order number and relative subject.

    Thanks very much for your patience and understanding! As soon as I get a breather I would like to update with new items of interest. But for now, back to chugging away =).

    - Arthur H.

    4/25/11 : Madcatz UMK Plexi's Available!

    The Madcatz UMK Plexi's can be found in the "Products > Mad Catz TE Plexi & Artwork" if you scroll down around the middle.

    For some other details and a brief installation overview please check here:
    About Madcatz UMK TE Plexi Covers.

    For other news, the new Version 2 Diamond joints will be made available shortly and at a discounted priced for a limited time. The price is for those who have initially purchased my TEK cases and would like to replace their Diamond joints. More details will be available in the next few days. Thanks very much! -Art

    4/19/11 : Madcatz UMK Plexi's Incoming!

    For those jumping on Madcatz's UMK Panels, the plexi's are on the way. I just need to finish up with some pictures and post them on the site. But for now, you can grab the Photoshop/Gimp templates to begin your work.

    Jump here for the templates: Photoshop Templates for Artwork and Etching

    Please note that these Photoshop templates are to be used with UMK TE Plexi's to be added to the site. Those UMK Plexi's are strictly to be used with Madcatz's UMK Panels, which are sold separately at GameShark's site.

    Here are direct links to those panels:

    USA Link: USA Gameshark.com
    UK Link: UK Gameshark.net

    I'm likely to close the site down for a few days for the added products and some maintenance, as well as to catch up on some backlogs. I should have my workload cleared up for quicker production of the UMK plexi orders, so please don't worry about too much down time and waiting for your UMK plexi, or other orders when the site is back up to take orders.

    With that said, download the UMK template soon, before I close down the site for maintenance =).

    4/9/11 : UMK Plexi's for Madcatz's UMK TE Replacement panels

    For those grabbing the Madcatz's UMK panels for their TE's, I will have the plexi's for it. They will come in the Round One, Extended and Full versions. I had intended to finish it up this weekend, but unfortunately the hard drive issue is going to delay things a little bit, since my initial UMK designs are now lost.

    Rest assured, by next week I should have at least the PSD Template available and the plexi's for sale shortly after. Updates will be made here when the time comes.


    My computer's hard drive just died, completely and abruptly without warning. While I have a backup system I can continue working with, this may cause some unexpected delays.

    For the most part, orders are still going out on schedule. However, some order's artworks have been lost. Orders between 3/26 and 4/3 may have to resubmit their artwork. These were the orders I've been working on when my hard drive crashed. Orders past this date still has their artwork on my online server, so those should not be affected.

    I will be taking some time to go through people who are affected by this and will email them to ask for re-submission of their artwork.

    I am truly sorry about this incident and the inconvenience it may have caused.

    Additionally I am still re-setting up my email so it may be another day before I get to emailing again. This also means any email in the past day or so will have a longer delay in response.

    I'm working as fast as I can to get everything back up. Thank you for your understanding. -Art

    12/2/10 : Holiday Delays : UPDATE

    I've finally sorted out the material issues with my supplier. Turns out they installed new inventory software recently and with people learning new things, orders were not properly processed. Now I get to pick up my material tomorrow (12/3) and will be working througout the weekend to fulfill backorders.

    Starting early next week, all other orders should be back on track.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding!

    11/29/10 : ANNOUNCEMENT : Holiday Delays

    Hello everyone! I'm sorry to have to report delays on some orders due to the holidays. My materials supplier went on vacation and there's an issue with my latest order from them where I'm missing some material. So trying to get this resolved has been a pain, and it's taking some time. Unfortunately this is affecting some of you guys because I don't have the material to finish your orders. For this I apologize and rest assured I'm spamming the phone lines of my supplier to straighten things out.

    If you find that you haven't received any shipping confirmation from paypal and it's been over 14 days, your order is likely delayed due to this incident (and the added Thanksgiving days off for the Post office).

    I ask that you please do not email me inquiring about your order "just yet" and give me a few more days to sort things out and have some answers for you. I may not get material for another few more days, then adding another day or two to cut the pieces and fulfill the backlog. Again, I'm very sorry for the added wait on your order... I always hate asking people to wait longer than they have to. For orders that I have material for, it should be shipped on time.

    My email box is also pretty flooded so I still need to take time and sort through emails. I'm doing the best I can with the time I have.

    Thanks everyone, and I hope your Turkey day was filled with food and your favorite fighting games! -Art

    10/13/10 : TEK-Cases are back up!:

    The TEK-Casesa are finally back up. In addition, the replacement parts are also added along with the Side-Decors.

    One point to note is in the "Useful Information" section for the TEK-Case details, there is still a bit more work for me to finish there. But for those who are already familiar with my cases, there's no need to keep you waiting while I fix that area.

    A lot has been reworked on the site, so if you encounter any unforseen issues/errors please notify me and I will check on it right away. Make sure to review your email confirmation to make sure all details are listed correctly.

    I'm still working to bring the Seitmitsu plexi inserts online, so please bear with me on that.

    Thanks again everyone for your support and patience with my hectic schedule. =)

    10/7/10 : Some Updates & Apparent Email Issues:

    Email Confirmations Updated! : The email confirmation issue has been resolved. For those who have not received an email confirmation earlier, should receive one now. If you still did not receive an email confirmation by now (10/7) then please email me to double check. Thanks!

    TEK-Cases will be back up soon : I have reconstructed most of the TEK-Case section but it's still not live yet. I have a few more things to do this weekend so the TEK cases will be back up by early next week. So please check things out again early next week. Thanks very much for your patience.

    9/27/10 : Important:

    Sorry for the downtime. A few days earlier there was a server issue which resulted in loss of some of my web updates... particularly the Tek-Case additions and details about them.

    Unfortunately some of the backup files could not be recovered. What this means is I need re-write the code necessary for the Tek-cases product section.

    I've recently fixed some issues and have brought the site back up. The Tek-Cases are currently unavailable because I need to re-do that section again, but at least the site is up for other orders and for artwork submissions. I will have the Tek-Case section back up soon as I can, but I have a lot of work on my hands so I do apologize for further delaying those who have waited.

    Because of all that I need to redo, I will be late in my email responses. Order related emails which are time sensitive will be responded to asap. But for other inquiries, I ask to please wait a little longer for my response, and/or remind me if I haven't gotten back to you in a while. There's a ton of work for me to do and orders to fulfill.

    Also, existing orders are not affected by the server issues as the database was not affected.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding - Art.

    Contact Art's Hobbies