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Update: 9/29/14

Art's Hobbies is currently down for hosting migration.
Estimated time of completion is 10/05/14 (but could be longer).

Hello everyone! We are transitioning to a new host, which should be more stable. The downtime will involve domain setup, database transfers and testing to ensure the move didn't break too many things. Our email may also be down during part of the transition, so if you don't get a response from us after everything is back up, please email again. We don't know exactly how long this is going to take, so please bear with us during this transition.

Orders placed before the transition will be worked on and be on schedule for shipment. If you need something in particular, and soon, please place your order before the 29th.

As our email may be intermittanly down during this transition, if you need to contact us regarding your order during our down time, please use our temporary Email addres:


Here are a few things to expect coming up!

TE 2 Stuff
TE 2 Plexi and Artwork will be added shortly after the site transition. The plexi and artwork will not be a direct replacement of the TE 2 Plexi that it comes with. The plexi will be 1/16" thick all around, unlike the way the TE 2 plexi is mostly 1/8" with the edges being 1/16" for the border to go around. To produce the TE 2 plexi exactly as it is, would be too long of a process with a laser cutter, so we can only offer a 1/16" version. More details about this will be added when the product is available.

Additionally, the Artwork and Plexi will not be made to go over the buttons. It will be made to go under with the buttons snapping on top.

After the TE 2 products are rolled out, we'll be finishing up the Atrox templates

HORI Fighting Edge and Official Hitbox, Qanba Q2 Glow
There have been a lot of requests for these fighstick templates, so that is on our plate and upcomming.

New Site Incoming
We've been working on a brand new site! This current site has been up since 2008, when we started out with just a few products. It's overdue for a face lift, and better interface options. Finding time for this has been a challenge, but it is necessary. We initially wanted to launch the new site when we migrated to our new host near the end of the year, but instability issues on the current host required us to move the site a lot sooner.

But come the New Year, or sooner, there will be a completely new site with a better user experience.

Thanks for your patience,

Arthur H.

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