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Home of the Plexi-Covers for your Fight Stick! This Homepage will be dedicated to announcements and updates.

2/2/15 : The Razer Atrox plexi is available! You can get to it directly from this link HERE

Sorry for taking so long to make it available. We found that the original Atrox plexi was thicker than our standard 1/16" plexi, and thinner than the 1/8" plexi. To get something closest to the original we had to stock a 3/32" plexi specifically for the Atrox. While ordering the new material, our shipments were delayed during the Holiday season so it wasn't until recently that we got our new stock of material to test and finalize everything.

If you don't mind the extra protrusion of the 1/8" thick plexi, then we also have the Black, White, Gold Mirror and Clear Mirror options available. So whether you want a 6 button version, or one with etch options, or to simply replace a damaged plexi, we have it here!

Thanks everyone and hope your New Years started off wonderfully! -Arthur H.

10/14/14 : Tournament Edition 2 Plexi and Artwork Service Now Available!

You can find them in the TE 2 Section HERE.

But, please first read more info about our TE 2 products so you can understand the differences from the original TE 2 plexi and artwork. Click here for more details about the TE 2 Plexi and Artwork

Thanks very much,
Arthur H.

10/4/14 : Our site is back up from our host transition and should be faster and more stable. Thanks very much for your patience.

We are still monitoring our site to make sure everything is operating normally, but if you experience any site errors or ordering issues, please contact us and we'll check into it right away. We appreciate your help!

To re-itterate a few things:

TE 2 Stuff
TE 2 Plexi and Artwork will be added shortly. We're finishing up the PSD template and getting some pictures and instructions up.

After the TE 2 products are rolled out, we'll be finishing up the Atrox templates

HORI Fighting Edge and Official Hitbox, Qanba Q2 Glow
There have been a lot of requests for these fighstick templates, so that is on our plate and upcomming.

New Site Incoming
We've been working on a brand new site! This current site has been up since 2008, when we started out with just a few products. It's overdue for a face lift, and better interface options. Finding time for this has been a challenge, but it is necessary. We initially wanted to launch the new site when we migrated to our new host near the end of the year, but instability issues on the current host required us to move the site a lot sooner.

But come the New Year, or sooner, there will be a completely new site with a better user experience. Thanks very much,
Arthur H.

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