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Category Selection > HORI RAP V3/V4/VX SA, 4 Kai, V Plexi & Artwork (KAI Versions available)

All orders are Made-to-Order and can take from 10 to 14 days to ship.

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HRAP V4 KAI Plexi cover.
Sample showing artwork and plexi applied on top of fight stick. *Artwork not included*

Compatable screws and washers are included.
HRAP 4/V KAI & Switch Plexi Cover

This is the New plexi cover for the KAI version of the HRAP 4 Kai, which also fits the HRAP V Kai and the HORI Nintendo Switch

This plexi cover is only available in 1/32" Impact Modified Acrylic, due to the countersunk screw holes that can cause extra stress on the 1/16" material.

You will have to open up the stick from the bottom first, take out the buttons and then remove the sticker artwork to reveal the top screws.

New Black Oxide pan head screws and washers are included to make future modifications easily accessible from the top, rather than the bottom.

The washers are optional to use. They are meant to increase the screw head area so that the dip into the plexi, into the counter sink hole, is decreased. The choice is yours.

Configuration (Select the format of your Plexi Cover) :

Regular 8 Buttons

First 6 Buttons

Last 6 Buttons

Vewlix 7 Buttons

Optional Cut Options
Do NOT Cut Start button
DO NOT CUT Bottom middle Screw
* Due to the bottom middle screw being so close to the bottom button, it may cause some discomfort. Therefore, the option to not cut the bottom middle screw is available.

Color Options
Clear 1/32" Impact Modified Acrylic
* ( What is Impact Modified Acrylic? )

Optional Button Label Etching

Etch XBox Labels ( Add $1.25 )
Etch Playstation Labels ( Add $1.25 )
Etch Hybrid (XBox & PS) Labels ( Add $1.25 )

Optional Custom Text Etching (Enter text in text boxes to purchase)
For Font samples Click here

Upper Left Corner @ 36pt Font ( Max 20 Char Add $1.75 )
Text : Font :

Lower Left Corner @ 36pt Font ( Max 20 Char Add $1.75 )
Text : Font :

Lower Right Corner @ 36pt Font ( Max 20 Char Add $1.75 )
Text : Font :

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