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About Art's Hobbies

Art's Hobbies or Tek-Innovations?
How things started
Who we are
What's unique about our services

Art's Hobbies or Tek-Innovations?

Welcome to Art’s Hobbies, powered by Tek-Innovations.com. Okay to clarify, my business is actually named “Tek-Innovations.com”, but it all started out as “Art’s Hobbies” when I first worked on fight stick customization. I kept the reference to “Art’s Hobbies” to identify my fight stick services, but eventually other services will be referenced to Tek-Innovations. Essentially they are the same entity, sorry if this cause some confusion.

How things started

As you may have guessed, this is one of those businesses that started off as a hobby. It started from the love of the fighting game genre. As someone who grew up with arcades, I much preferred to play on a joystick than a pad. So when the announcement of SF4 came around in 2009, and more fight sticks became available, I had to jump in.

The more popular sticks around that time were the HORI Hrap Pro and then came the Madcatz Tournament Edition fight sticks. Then, like many fight stick owners, I wanted to mod my fight stick. At the time, the primary option to swap artwork was to print some artwork at Kinkos, Xacto knife the holes and outline, laminate it, cut out the holes again, and apply a permanent adhesive to apply to the fightstick. That method was quite tedious and I thought there has to be a better way.

I thought, wouldn’t it be easier to apply a plexiglass top to sandwich the artwork? It wasn’t a new concept, but there weren’t any options for these fight sticks. Initially, I took my fight stick panels to a local plastic fabrication shop to get a quote for a plexiglass replica. They quoted me $5 per hole cut, and some other fee for the customization, and they admit they couldn't match the hole sizes exactly. The total came out to be around $75 per plexiglass cover. HOLY….! Needless to say, I passed.

After that, it became my goal to develop plexiglass covers to easily mod fight sticks for the fighting game community, at a much more reasonable price. I also had past experience working with acrylics, so picking things back up, with new tools, wasn't a problem. Long story short, here we are!

Who we are

We are a small business that caters to the modding interests of the fighting game community. We offer unique services at very competitive rates.

Our products are all laser cut for precision and consistency. We laser cut our acrylics (plexiglass) for popular fight sticks, as well as artwork to match. We also offer many customization options for the fight stick enthusiasts.

What's unique about our services?

While there may be other businesses now that offer fight stick covers and artwork, there are a few things that make Tek-Innovations stand out.

Aside from the basic fight stick covers, we also offer custom laser etching/engraving options. While laser etching isn’t a new concept, it is a rather unique service that is rarely offered by our competitors, specifically for fight stick products. Adding custom etches to your fight stick cover can really add that extra personalization to your favorite fight stick, and will usually turn heads. You’ll find that our etching rates are very competitive to the standard etching services offered by other laser etching businesses, especially when you compare to custom, low volume ordering. Additionally, if you’re a modder who likes to add LEDs to your fight stick, etches really stand out when lighted by those LEDs.

Our artwork print and cut services are top of the line. When I was hunting around for equipment, I needed to make sure that even the artwork prints will turn out nothing short of amazing. I was not satisfied by the so-called high quality photo inkjet printers. Even the $1k to $5k laser printers were far from my expectations. Instead, I went straight to Xerox and bought a high end printer from the Workcentre/DocuColor line that are specifically made for incredible laser color prints. Even when you look closely at the prints, you will not see the tiny dot compilations that most other printers produce. I only wanted to offer the best for the community, and I guarantee you will be amazed.

Even the cardstock for the prints we use are top of the line. We use Hammermill’s 100% brightness, Laser Color 80lb stock. With the combination of this material and the printer, I guarantee you will notice your artwork pop with vivid colors. With every artwork print and cut service, the artwork is laser cut, with precision, to the plexiglass cover configuration of your choice. Don’t ever worry about the need to slowly Xacto knife your way through your artwork.

We also take extra care of your cover by applying a coat of plastic polish, and individually bag the pieces. We do not just give you the raw cut and tell you to peel the masking and clean it yourselves.

Additionally, we have various dustwasher options, DIY Custom cases, and other products/services that you will find unique, at Tek-Innovations.com

Our services are always evolving so new options and new products can pop up at anytime. Please visit the front page every now and then for any new product/option announcements. For more details of our current services, please take a moment to check out our “Useful Information” section and then on to the Products section.

Thanks very much for the opportunity to service your fight stick needs.

Arthur Hong
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