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About Artwork Prints & Cuts

We also provide the service of helping you print your artwork and laser cut it to your panel specifications. We are only providing a service and are not selling any artwork. We do not have our own custom work to sell and will not sell other people's artwork for profit. Please submit your own artwork to us, or find artwork that is designed for free use. Also, we do not do any graphics modifications/designs as part of this service. We can help you apply your artwork to the template and resize as needed, but any other graphics modifications is beyond the scope of our services.

Artwork Size should be at least 1024 x 768 in size. Larger the better, but this should be the minimal size.

Your artwork will be printed on a Xerox Workcentre 7655, which is a high quality color laser printer just like those found at Kinkos. The cardstock used is an 80lb to 100lb, high brightness, extra smooth surface for a vivid fusion of ink and material.

Once printed, your artwork will be laser cut to precision based on your plexi-cover configuration. These cuts also include cutting the inner button diameter to fit Seimitisu buttons!

Do you have Photoshop?
If you have Photoshop, or if someone who's making your artwork has Photoshop, I Strongly suggest using my photoshop templates for your artwork creation. Other templates floating around may not be the correct size and dimensions and may cause your artwork to be incorrectly aligned for the cuts. I strongly suggest using my templates as they are calibrated for my printer.

If you submit artwork to me in a template not by made me, then I am not responsible for any cut misalignments that may occur. I simply do not have the time to email everyone with alignment issues on their artwork when using a different template. If you submit your artwork on another template, and the alignment is off, then I will print and cut as is. At least with my templates, if something is wrong, I can quickly correct it myself or give you further directions for making changes.

Visual samples on how to prepare your artwork.
If you have Photoshop, please download the PSD template that fits the plexi cover of your order. The templates can be found here: Photoshop Templates for Artwork and Etching submissions

Once you have done so, and have opened up the PSD, please note the layers within the Template. The black outline is the plexi configuration and that is what you should use to plan out your artwork. The Red outline is where you should extend your artwork out for cropping reasons.

Note: Stretch your artwork to fit the template. I know the template is a bit large at 300dpi, but it's large because the image will be printed rather large. So you need to stretch your artwork to fit the template, DO NOT shrink the template to fit the artwork... it doesn't work that way. If you stretch the artwork out and it looks blurry, it's because the artwork is too small and not enough details to fill the template, and that's how it will end up when printing. Shrinking the template doesn't change the fact that the artwork is too small. If you change the template, it gives me more work to resize your artwork and could take more time to finish your order.

Now insert your artwork and align to the template. Notice the red outline. Make sure your artwork extends up to, or past that red outline. This will ensure that you get a clean cut. When I make the cut on the laser cutter, there can be a 0.5mm to 1mm variance. The extension will make sure you get a clean cut if I'm just slightly off.

DO NOT trim your artwork down like this (image below). Again, make sure the artwork extends out to the red outline.

Now save as PSD with all the layers intact. DO NOT merge any of the outline layers. I will take the outline layer out when I print because I don't want the outline to be print. If there are too many layers, producing a really large file, you can merge some of your artwork layers together, just don't merge the outline /template layers

What if I don't have Photoshop?
If you don't have photoshop, then you can submit your artwork in JPG, TIFF, or PDF format and I can stretch the artwork to fit the template. If you do this, please make sure to pay attention to the general area of where the cuts may end up being so you don't get important parts of your artwork cut off. For example, if your artwork has a character who's face is in the general area of the Turbo area, then the face will likely be cut. So please take that into consideration.

When you give me your artwork, give me the full image without ANY Guidelines. For example:

You can give me the image with the holes and guideline so I know how you want the specific positioning like so:

But you'll need to give me the entire image if you want a clean cut. I'll still take your artwork with the guidelines if it's the only version you have, just so you are aware of possible alignment issues.

When your artwork is ready please go here : Submit your artwork (for printing & etching)
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