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How to Submit your Artwork (Print & Etching)
(Updated 3/18/2015)

In order to submit your artwork for printing or etching, you will have to complete your order through my site. Once the order is complete, you will be emailed an email confirmation with an order number. You will use that order number and the email you used in your order to upload your artwork. The artwork upload page is here: Art Submission

But before you head over there, please observe the following steps to ensure your artwork is received in a timely manner. If these steps are not followed, there is a possibility your artwork may not be submitted correctly and your order may be delayed.

Steps to submit your artwork
These instructions are for Artwork submissions for both Artwork Printouts and Etching services.
  • IMPORTANT! PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ARTWORK ATTACHMENTS TO ME! I get tons of email every day and it's very easy for me to miss your attachement. If there are upload issues that cannot be resolved, let me know first and wait for me to confirm a different method of receiving your artwork.

  • Also, it's ok to not upload your artwork right after you make an order. If you need a couple more days to finish your artwork, that's just fine.

  • Now moving on. I'm going to assume you've read through my sections on how to prepare your artwork for submission. If you have not, please review thos sections first : Details about Artwork Prints, Cuts and preparation. Or for etchings, Details about Etching and preparation.

  • Now take your PSDs (or JPG, TIFF, PNG) and compress with WinZip or WinRAR. You can compress all your files within one ZIP or RAR file. Although if the file becomes too large, you can separate them and upload them individually, but one file is preferred over many.
    (NOTE: WinZIP and WinRAR are compression programs used to compress a large file into a smaller one. )

  • Please try to keep your file under 80mb. You can merge some layers within your PSD to decrease overall file size. Just don't merge the outline/template layers.

  • When your file(s) is ready, please go back to my site and click "Submit Art" at the top menu.

  • Enter your order/invoice number and the email you used for your order.

  • Now browse for your artwork's Zip/RAR file.

  • In the "Special Notes" section, use this to give me special instructions pertaining to the Artwork. (ie: "File xxx is for the 6 button HRAP, and File yyy is for the 8 button HRAP")

  • DO NOT Ask any questions in the special notes. If you have questions, email me. Any questions entered here will be ignored. It's only meant for special instructions pertaining to your artwork.

  • Now click Upload. Depending on the size of your artwork, this may take some time, so please do not refresh that page until it states upload is successful or you get some other notification.

  • Again, make sure the submission page refreshes and shows "Your file was successfully uploaded!" in green text. If you do not see that message, or the page does not refresh correctly, please try again or contact me to double check. Once you see the Successful text, then there's no need to double check with me.

  • If you've already uploaded your artwork and then decide you want to upload an updated artwork, you can do so by just uploading new artwork and letting me know which file is the newest in the notes. However, please only do this if it's been less than 5 days since your first submission. Otherwise, please email me for clarification that your artwork hasn't already been printed.

That's it! If I have any further questions about your artwork, I will email you. Otherwise, I'll print and ship your stuff out ASAP! Thanks again!

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