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Plexiglass Care & Tips

Here are some considerations for caring for your Plexiglass, if you want it to remain in top shape. I strongly recommend you read through this section.

  • DO NOT use window cleaners to clean your plexiglass. Anything that is ammonia based, like Windex, will ruin it. Alcohol based agents can also damage plexiglass. For a quick clean you can use a clean, wet, cloth with very mild dish detergent to clean smudges. Otherwise, a damp clean cloth should be ok to wipe off dust. Microfiber cloth is preferred if you have access to one. Do not wipe with any paper towels as you may risk webbing the plexi.

  • DO NOT store your plexi in an area that may get hot, like out near the window in the sun on a hot summer day. As plexi is a plastic, it is within the charactistics of thin plastic to warp in prolonged exposures to very warm/hot temperatures.

  • BE CAREFUL when installing your buttons. While the plexi is relatively durable, stress on the edges can still cause a crack. Some buttons can end up having a tighter fit than others. While some easily fit with a snap, others have experienced a much harder time pushing their buttons in. A lot of times this is a result of the button's tabs (under the button's lip) protruding out a bit more than others. If this is the case, people have suggested to sand the tabs down a little so the buttons fall in place easier. Either case, best not to force the buttons in too much.

    With the new 1/32" Impact Acrylic, such cracking issues from buttons will not happen. The caution is meant for 1/16" thicknesses.

  • If you have screw-in buttons, try not to tighten them like there's no tomorrow. Same goes for the 6 screws for the panel. Basically use good judgement and apply just enough force to keep things in place. ** Thicker plexiglass, like the 1/8" Replacement panels and TEK-Cases, or 1/32" Impact Acrylic are more durable so it is ok to tighten screw-on buttons a bit more to keep them in place.

  • For a good clean and shine, use plastic polish. The one I used to initially coat your plexiglass is Novus #1 Plastic polish and it is excellent. I currently offer Novus #1 and microfiber cleaning cloths on my site, in the "Plastic Cleaning Products" section.

  • If you find cloudy smudge residues on your cover when you receive it, this is a result from the coat of polish on the plexi and the plastic bag being in contact during the shipping time. This doesn't damage the plexi and just requires a damp, soft cloth, or dry/damp microfiber cloth, to wipe it off. The polish was applied to give a better shine, decrease dust collection and give a smoother feel to the plexi.

  • You may want to remember taking your watch, bracelet or other wrist accessory, off before going crazy on top of the stick. It's easily overlooked, but that wrist watch's buckle, or other sharp area, can potentially give you a bad plexi scratch.

  • Here are some other good caring tips for acrylic/plexiglas: http://www.housekeepingchannel.com/hcp_159-Plexiglass. Or use Google for more info.

The plexi is relatively resillient, but it's always good to be careful and have good common sense =).

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