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How to contact us

Thanks for your interest to contact us. Before you do, please consider that we are a small business with a small staff. Email is all handled by me (Arthur), but I'm also involved in fulfilling orders. Therefore, my availability to answer emails can be a bit limited depending on our workload. Nonetheless your emails are still very important and I strive to reply as best as I can. I just ask to please look through this section to better understand how to contact me so that your email is addressed as soon as possible. Thank you!
  • If you have a general question, please look at the "FAQ" and double check the "Useful Information" section to see if your question is answered there. If you're emailing me a question that's already answered, your email gets very low priority. I know there's a lot of reading on my site, but the information is there so I don't have to take time away from people's orders to answer everything. If what you're asking is not mentioned anywhere, then please email me and I'll get back to you soon as I can.

  • Enter a Subject in your Email. Please enter a subject in your email that pertains to your question/topic of importance. I've gotten emails with either no subject, or with a subject like "Yo", or "Hey". When I only have time to answer a few emails at a time, I will decide from the subject line which gets higher priority... so please be specific or I may lose your email when my inbox gets filled up.

  • If you have an important question regarding your order. Please include the order number whenever you inquire about your order. Keep in mind I have a lot of orders in my system, and just emailing me with something like, "Subject: Hey" and "Body: I would like my artwork swapped with the one I attached" is likely to be ignored. Seriously, I've gotten an email just like that with no Order number or any sort of order reference, and the person ignored my other notes about not attaching artwork without prior approval. Emails like that will have very very low priority.

  • If you want to ask about the status of your order. This is a very common request but I ask that you please do not ask about the status of your order if the max number of processing days have not yet passed. If you have already recieved your order confirmation from my site, then your order will take from 10 to 14 days to process. If I'm really busy, it will take the full 14 days. Every request for order status takes time to look up my database, then through a large stack of papers, then time to write the email, etc. While it may not sound like much from your perspective to answer one status order question, keep in mind I have many orders to tend to... so if I had to go through 20+ of these requests a day I will not be getting any work done. I ask to please be patient as I want to get your order out as soon as reasonably possible. If you've gotten your email confirmation from me (Not paypal), then your order will be worked on within my specified time frame.

    Also, do not ask me of your order status on the 14th day. At least give me till the end of the day. I usually have the shipping labels printed and shipped in the afternoon of that day, if your order takes the full timeframe to complete. I've had people emailing me at 2am on the day of, and obviously I'm not awake to ship anything. If you're overseas, please note the time difference.

    With that said, if it has been more than 14 days and paypal hasn't updated your transaction as "Shipped" along with a delivery confirmation, then please contact me to double check. At that point I welcome your email so I can make sure nothing was missed. Please include your Order number, date of purchase and a proper subject to get my attention.

  • Requesting Order confirmation? You should get an automated Email confirmation from my email which includes a copy of your invoice. This is different than the Paypal confirmation email. If you've gotten my Email Confirmation, there is no need to email me to confirm again. Remember that answering emails take time away from finishing your order. If I answer every email that requests for more confirmation, then I won't get any work done. If you did not get an Email confirmation from my system, then I welcome an email for me to double check.

  • Please do not attach artwork templates in your email. If the artwork submission page didn't work for your upload, please try again with a different browser. If you are experiencing an error, please note the error and contact me. It is best to upload your artwork through my system so it can be easily connected with your order. If we cannot resolve the upload issue, then I will suggest alternative methods of sending me your artwork and I can make special preparations to receive it.

  • If you haven't heard back from me. Depending on my workload, it may take me a few days to address your question. If you haven't heard back from me within 5 days, then shoot me a reminder (assuming your question isn't covered by the above notes). I'm only human and I can miss emails if my inbox gets filled too quickly. Believe me, I would like to address your question(s) soon as I can.

  • I know there's a lot of "rules" for contacting me and I may have sounded a little harsh on some points, but this is here so I don't have to spend half my day answering questions that are already answered. My primary interest is getting your order completed, not reminding people to give me their order numbers. But outside of all that, I do enjoy to talk with people whenever I can and jump on any issues that may arise. Thanks for your understanding everyone!

  • Also please check your junk mail folder. I've had reports of my emails being filtered in people's junk mail folder.
    Perhaps add me to your email settings to not be filtered by your junk mail filter. I do not send spam or solications.

  • To contact me, please email me at: art@tek-innovations.com

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