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Customizing your Plexi-Cover

When making your Plexi-Cover selection you also have various customization options to choose from. This section will go through those options in a bit more detail.

Button Layout/Configuration :

Your Plexi-Cover can be cut into various configurations. Your options will vary depending on your fightstick. For example, you can choose the regular configuration of the TE stick which is 8 buttons. But, you might find that you prefer using only the first or last 6 buttons. Normally, to cover up the extra holes you can purchase hole plugs... but those may not always look so great. When you choose a Plexi-Cover with specific hole configurations you won't need hole plugs. Just cut your artwork in the same configuration and with the Plexi-Cover on top, your stick will look natural in your specific button configuration.

Color and Material Options :

Plexi covers come in different materials and colors. However, 1/16" acrylic is limited to a smaller number of color/material options. Most colors are made in 1/8" thickness (which is why there are more color options for Plexi Replacement Panels). Different colors/materials do vary in price depending on how easy/hard it is to procure. For example, 1/16" mirror acrylic is a lot harder and more expensive to acquire, and the white acrylic costs a little more than the black acrylic, whereas Clear is the most common and cheaper.

Customization : Cut Options :

Do NOT Cut Turbo/Guide area :
Option is only available for certain fightsticks. This option, when checked, will tell me not to cut the Turbo/Guide area of your Plexi-Cover. This way, you can hide that area with artwork if you don't plan to use it.

** IMPORTANT ** If you're selecting this for Tournament Edition sticks, you MUST be prepared to remove that area on your stick first. As in, unscrew that section of the stick. If you leave it on and choose a Plexi-Cover without this cutout it will buldge up in the Turbo/Guide area.
Do NOT Cut Start/Select(Back) buttons :
Option is only available for certain fightsticks. The Start/Select(Back) button holes will not be cut, should you choose to omit those buttons from your mod.
Do NOT Cut Middle Screws :
Option is only available for certain fightsticks. This option will not cut the top middle and bottom middle screw holes. Some people prefer just the four corner screwholes for a cleaner look, or to avoid rubbing against the middle screws when playing.

** IMPORTANT ** If you plan to have a large image etched to your panel, this option is not suggested. Depending on the etch, it can cause a very slight warp on the Plexi-Cover. Etching heats up the acrylic, and like the properties of plastic, enough heat will melt/bend it. In the case of etching, if you have deep etchings in the middle the cover might just bend a little. But applying all the screws will make sure that the cover is secure.

Optional Button Label Etching :

You can have the button labels etched right on your Plexi-Cover. It gives a clean and frosted look and can be subtle or bold depending on your artwork/material.

You can choose between Playstation and Xbox etchings. Of course, if the type of stick only exists for one console, you only get one choice. But for sticks that exists for both consoles, you can also have both PS and Xbox label etched.

Optional Custom Text Etching :
Would you like your Name, Gamertag, Forum Handle, or any favorite phrase etched on the corner of your Plexi-Cover? Choose the corner you would like to have etched.

Etchings show up better with a darker background so when designing artwork to fit with the etching, you may want to design certain areas to be darker.

Please note that different colors/materials will have different etching results.
Please review the more detailed section on Etching here:
Details about Etching and preparation

Here is a sample image on the corner etching:


Optional Custom Image Etching :

This is another level to customizing your stick. Choose a Small etch, or a Large etch that can be etched on your entire stick! If you have multiple small etches you want in various areas of the stick just choose the Large etch option and submit your images.

Combine with custom artwork and you've got yourself quite a panel effect, particularly in various angles of lighting.

For instructions on how to prepare and submit your Etchings, click here

Please note that different colors/materials will have different etching results.
Please review the more detailed section on Etching here:
Details about Etching and preparation

Pictures speak louder than words, so check out the images below.

(Chun Li Artwork by Stanely Lau)

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