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All About Plexi Panel Replacements

Plexi Panel replacements are 1/8" thick and are made to replace the metal panel of your fightstick. Currently these panels are available for the Madcatz TE and HORI Real Arcade Pro.

This section is separated to into several sub sections. Feel free to jump around the sections that interest you the most.

How it all works
Border Spacers
JLF Plexi Mount
HRAP Joystick Mounting
Plexi Mounts Socket Screws (Limited Supply)
Custom Panel Builder and Submissions
In regards to Etching on a Custom Panel
JLF Mount Artworks?

SSF4 TE-S Compatible?

How it all works
Please view the video below for a better understanding of how these panels work and how to put them together with your stick.

The TE panels come in the Extended format, and Full format (with a border spacer). The HRAP only comes in the regular version (not extended). The HRAP panel fits snug into the metal panel spacing. Installing the HRAP panel is pretty much the same as installing the TE panel in the video. However, there is a key difference that needs to be addressed in regards to the joystick mounting. Please review the HRAP Joystick Mounting for further details.

The panels also come in a variety of colors. For a full list of acrylic colors I currently have available, please check this page out: Available Acrylic Colors

Here are some samples of Plexi Panel Replacement turnouts:

Here's my "Venom" stick I used to debut my plexi replacement panels. I used green and black wire sleeves to add my own flavor, and added artwork on the JLF mount.

Here's a sample of a Fluorescent Green acrylic on a TE Full panel with Sega Blast City Player 2 button layout.

This is the TE Extended version with custom button configuration. Blast City Player 1 button layout on a TE!

HRAP sample, Mirror Acrylic with Vewlix button layout.

HRAP Sample, Black Acrylic with Ultimate Mortal Kombat button layout.

There's a lot more information on this page to help you better understand the plexi panel replacements. Please take your time to view this section before finalizing your order.

Border Spacers
Border spacers are specifically for the TE FULL panel replacements. They are for the purpose of filling the gap between the Bezel layer. A clear border spacer is included with your TE Full panel replacement order, but other colors are available for additional costs. The color of the Border Spacers are obviously more noticeable on clear/transparent material. If you choose an Opaque color (Black, White, Mirror, Pearl) then the color of the border will not matter.

Here are a few images for a closer look at the borders applied with the panel replacement. This image shows the black border. The black border is mainly for you to keep an overall black profile with your stick but it helps to cover any scuffs/scratches that may be visible in the bezel area.

Here's the white border for a more elegant look.

A mirror border to really stand out. Great with a Mirror JLF Plexi mount.

Note for Etchings. If you are interested in various custom etchings on the Full panel, please visit the Photoshop Templates for Artwork and Etching section to download the TE Full Plexi Panel Replacement template. This template has an outline to show where the border will be placed. This is helpful to plan your etching positions. Remember etches are more visible with a darker background. If you plan to etch around the border area, but order a White border, then that part of the etchings may not show up very well. Make sense?

JLF Plexi Mounts
The JLF plexi mounts are made to accompany the Plexi panel replacements. They are also 1/8" thick and come in a variety of colors. These are another way for you to explore your creativeness when applying a Clear/Transparent Plexi panel to your case. Check out the video below on how to install the JLF plexi mount.

Here are some images of the JLF plexi mounts:

Clear JLF Plexi mount

Fluorescent Green JLF Plexi mount

Mirror JLF Plexi mount

A variety of colors to choose from

And here's a unique Pearl acrylic.

HRAP Joystick Mounting
As you can see in the two videos above for the Plexi Panel and JLF Plexi Mount that you basically need the rectangular JLF mount, whether the metal or plastic one, in order to mount your joystick to the panel. The metal mount is included with the TEs, but in the HRAP's case, not all HRAPs are created equal. The HRAP EX should be fine as it comes with the rectangular metal mount so you can use that by default.

However, for the HRAP 3, there is no rectangular mount. The JLF is directly screwed onto the metal panel with two screws (top and bottom) so it doesn't come with a rectangular JLF mount. So you figure a simple fix would be to just order a Rectangular JLF mount right? Well, not so simple. The 4 holes in the JLF which you would normally use to screw the JLF mount to, does not have hex nuts in place to take in the screws. Observe the images below:

You can see in this image the HRAP 3 uses just two screws to mount the JLF. A rectangular JLF mount is not included.

When you take the JLF pieces apart, note the 4 screw hole areas (circled in orange) and you'll see that no hex nuts are in place. This is not the case in the HRAP EX and TE's.

The solution is to acquire your own hex nuts and fit them in the hex nut shaped holes. You can apply some superglue to keep them in place, but it's not necessary if you don't mind just holding it in place for a moment while you turn the screws. I do provide the option of including the hex nuts (additional cost) to specifically fit the M3-0.5 screws I'm including. You can aquire the hex nuts yourself at ACE Hardware, but for convenience I provide that option when ordering JLF Plexi mounts.

Once the hex nuts are in place, you can now screw a rectangular JLF mount onto your JLF. Whether it be a metal JLF mount you can get at Lizardlicks, or a JLF Plexi mount from me, the choice is yours.

As for other HRAPs (HRAP 1, HRAP 2, T5, etc) I cannot speak for their default joystick setups as I do not have those sticks. But you'll need to assess the joysticks to know what you'll need to make this work for your HRAP.

Plexi Mount Socket Screws (Limited Supply)
The JLF mounts comes with "Pan Head, Phillips Drive, M3-0.5" screws. As a limited supply option, I'm offering a "Hex Socket" version of the screws. If you're planning to use a Clear/Transparent Panel with a transparent dustwasher, or 31mm dustwasher and would like a little extra, yet subtle, flare to the JLF mount, these socket screws will work nicely. Observe the images below for close up.

These are the included Phillips Drive screws:

These are the limited supply Socket screws:

** Currently, only JLF plexi mounts are available. I will look into a Seitmitsu LS-32 version in the future and see what comes out of it.

Custom Panel Builder and Submissions
The custom panel builder is a great addition to my site. With preset configurations of popular button layouts and ease of making your own changes, it is a great tool for fightstick enthusiasts. The panel builder is created by Dan Rogers and is very simple to use. If you have opted to customize your panel please thoroughly read the rest of this section.

You can jump to the Panel Builder and the functionality should be pretty intuitive. But please continue reading this section to understand some important notes and how the submission process works.

Madcatz TE Custom Panel Builder

HRAP Custom Panel Builder

How to order?

When choosing your plexi panel in the products section, there will be a checkbox option for Using Custom Panel Builder. When you check this box, that tells me I'm only going to use the configuration you create in the Custom Panel Builder. I will ignore any button configurations that may be selected (ie: First 6, Last 6, etc), and any additional cut options (ie: Do not cut Start/Select). I will only cut based on your Custom Panel submission.

Important Notes:

The TE Custom Panel builder works for both the Extended and Full versions of the Plexi panels. The size of the builder represents the Extended size, but the created file can still be aligned with the Full size panel. The available areas to fit your buttons/joystick remains the same so there was no point in creating a separate builder.

In the Panel builder, there are notes stating that black shapes in the builder represents areas in the housing that may obstruct installation of parts. For example, observe this screenshot of the panel builder:

Now observe the image below of the TE housing and note the circled areas. See the columns and wiring area represented in the custom panel builder? Those areas will hinder button placements.

You can still move your buttons however you like on the custom panel builder, but it is YOUR responsibility to make modifications in your housing to work with your design. I will not take the time to double check every submission to see if the button positions will be hindered by the housing. I'm going to assume you know exactly what you're doing and cut the plexi as-is. So it is a good idea to open and study your TE housing first to make sure you know what to expect.

File Submission:

Once you have completed your design in the Custom Panel Builder, submission of that design is very easy. When your order was made you should have recieved an email confirmation with an order number. Use that order number along with the email you used in the order. Enter that information in the respective fields within the custom panel builder: Email address and Associate with order #. You can also enter Optional Notes for each submission. Use this input box for special notes like say you ordered an Extended and a Full panel. Write down which panel configuration should be the Extended, and which is the Full.

If the order details match your order, and the file was successfuly saved, a prompt will popup saying "Success! Panel has been saved to the server". If you recieve a prompt that states an error in your submission, please double check your order info and try again. If there are further errors, please email me to double check your order info.

Once the submission is a success, the file is automatically saved on my server and I will associate it with your order. There is no need to ask me to confirm your submission. If there are any issues with your file I will contact you about it when I begin working on your order.

In regards to Etching on a Custom Panel
First off, if you would like custom etchings, please make sure you download the templates specifically for the Panel Replacements in the Templates section. The Panel replacements have slight changes from the plexi cover versions. For example, the TE Extended are adjusted to fit within the bezel area whereas the plexi cover version extends a little past the bezel area. The TE Full Panel Replacement template includes an outline of the Border Spacer so you can get an understanding of how to position your etchings relative to it. And there are very minor adjustments to the HRAP version. So please do not use the plexi-cover templates for these Panel replacements.

For instructions on setting up your etching for submission, please review the section Details about Etching and preparation.

Furthermore, if you've opted to make your own panel with the custom panel builder and you've selected text etchings, please be logical with where you're placing button hole placements. For example, if you've selected text etching for the Lower Right corner and you've created button holes in the lower right corner then expect the text etching to likely be cut off.

Button Label Etchings on Custom Panels

If you're interested in Button Label etchings, here's something important to note. If you just want a clear Panel to showcase your wiring but want to retain the default button configurations (ie: TE Reg 8, First 6, or Last 6) then the selected button label etchings will apply at the regular price. Default button etches have been removed as an option. Too many people neglected to read the details for the default etch option and keep selecting the default button etch options on custom button placements. It just takes too much time to explain to customers the differences when this occurs so the option is completely removed. All button etchings will fall under small etch procedures from now on.

If you've decided to go custom and design your own button positioning and would like button etchings then it falls under the SMALL Custom Image etching option. So in that case, do not select the XBOX or PS label options, just select the SMALL Custom Image etching option. The reason for this is because of the setup time needed for all new etching positions as well as people's different preferences for their button locations.

Once you've decided on your specific button layout, the easier way to submit your button layout to me is to do the following:
  • Take a screen shot of your custom panel in the Custom Panel Builder (Press ALT+ PRT SCR, or just PRINT SCREEN on your keyboard).

  • Open up your graphics program (Photoshop, or MS Paint even, anything simple will do) and paste the screen shot to a new canvas

  • Then apply the Button labels next to your buttons. It doesn't have to be perfect, but at least give me an idea where you want the labels to be

  • I will aim to center the letters and give enough room for the button, so there's no need to be perfect on this.

  • The font defaults as "ARIAL" for the TE and for the HRAP, a similar font as the default HRAP cover. Using this method to submit the button etchings I can etch based on the font selection I have. Just add the font text somewhere on your image

  • This may seem to be a rather crude way of going about this, and I agree. This will be the method to submit custom button label etchings until I setup a better way (likely through the custom panel builder) at a later date.

  • Save as JPG if you can as that makes a smaller file and I don't need the image to be high res for this. Or save as PNG, TIFF, GIF if you have no JPG save options

  • WINZIP or WINRAR the file and upload it to me like you would an Artwork submission. If you have other images you were going to send me anyway based on your order, just combine them all into one ZIP/RAR file.

  • This may seem to be a rather crude way of going about this, and I agree. This will be the method to submit custom button label etchings until I setup a better way (likely through the custom panel builder) at a later date.

Here's a Sample submission using the UMK button layout:

Joystick Mount Artworks?
You may have noticed on images of my Venom and Star Trek themed sticks that artwork was applied to the Joystick mount area. For those interested in artwork print and cuts for this, the option will be made available in the near future. I just have a lot of other priorities to tackle at the moment. Soon as I can, I'll make that option available and see if there's enough interest for it.

SSF4 TE-S Compatible?
In short, Yes these are compatible with the TE-S. For more details please read this section: Madcatz SSF4 TE-S Plexi Compatibility?

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