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Tournament Edition 2 Plexi and Artwork

The Plexi Thickness
Madcatz TE 2 Platinum Cup
The Plexi Button hole sizes
TE 2 Artwork
1/32" Thickness Available
Larger Button holes Option

The Tournament Edition 2 Plexi and Artworks are available!

However, there are some differences from the original Plexi configuration that you should be aware before purchasing.

The Plexi Thickness:

The original plexi that comes with the TE 2 is 1/8" thick in the center but 1/16" thick along the sides where the border/bezel sits on top. This makes the plexi fit flush with the bezel. While our laser cutting and etching process can reasonably do this, the process is incredibly time consuming and costly. To maintain a more reasonably priced option, we are only offering a 1/16" plexi option. As such it will not fit flush alongside the border.

The current, newer TE 2 versions no longer use the 1/8" thick plexi. Instead, it uses 1/32" thick plastic and is placed under the bezel just the way our plexi does now. But, our 1/16" version is more rigid and stays securely without movement issues, as some have reported with the default plastic cover.

Here is an image showing the bezel over the plexi

Madcatz TE 2 Platinum Cup:

We worked with Madcatz for their Platinum Capcom Cup 2013 Mirror finished TE2, and this was the same method we used as the Mirror etched plexi was the 1/16" thickness.

As far as comfort goes, I've had feedback that most people don't, or hardly, notice the difference

The Plexi Button hole sizes:

Another difference we need to address is Plexi button hole sizes. the original plexi is made to be applied over the buttons, so their button holes are much wider. We are not making our plexi holes the same way, and it will not fit over the buttons. Instead, we're going to do it the traditional way, and have it underneath the buttons so the buttons can snap on top. We decided this for the following reasons.

1) In order to accommodate the larger hole size, the spacing between the buttons is very thin. This makes the plexi extremely fragile in those areas and prone to cracking during shipment and overall handling.

2) By having the buttons snap on top, it produces a much more stable position so that the artwork and plexi doesn't bend around that area.

Additionally, we've had requests for wanting it this way, so that's the way we're going to do it.

TE 2 Artwork:

The only thing to note about the artwork is that we're cutting the button holes the traditional way as well, so it will also go underneath the buttons, instead of over, like the artwork options that came with the TE 2.

1/32" Thickness Available:

The 1/32" Impact Modified Acrylic is now available, both for the button snap-in version, and the larger hole version to be placed over the buttons like the original.

Larger Button holes Option:

Due to popular demand, we've added a "Larger Button Hole" option so that you may fit the plexi or artwork over the buttons like the original.

Only the 1/32" Impact Modified Acrylic version will have that option for the plexi. The 1/16" thick plexi will not due to the fragile . Please make sure you select the correct setup for your project as there will be no Refunds or Exchanges if you proceed without understanding the details.

Please Email us for more information, if you have have any questions and would like more clarification.

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