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Madcatz SSF4 TE-S Plexi Compatibility?

Many have asked if my TE Full covers will fit the new SSF4 TE-S edition fightstick. Well, now that I finally got my hands on one I can answer that question! In short, YES! In fact, everything is pretty much the same dimensions minus the side white panels from the 1st Gen TE. Here's a closer look.

First thing I did when I got my TE-S was to start looking at how everything comes off. So it turns out the artwork on the TE-S is a thin printed rectangular plastic sheet (similar to the printed plastic on the 1st gen TE) which is then applied to another thin opaque white plastic sheet. The white plastic is thicker than the printed plastic but is thin enough to be rather flimsy. It appears a permanent adhesive is applied between the printed plastic and the white plastic. You can still pull them apart but you're likely to permanently damage the artwork.

Now this white plastic is then applied to the metal panel with adhesives similar to the 1st gen TE artwork to the metal panel. You just have to carefully pull the plastic off and you can preserve the artwork. Observe the pictures of the artwork:

Here's the back of the artwork. It's opaque so it cannot be used as a clear plastic piece by itself to use with other artwork.

Once the artwork is removed, everything else is pretty much identical to the 1st gen TE. The metal panel is the same size as the 1st gen TE.

You can pretty much turn this into a 1st Gen TE. You can see that a red Bezel from a 1st Gen TE will fit perfectly.

And of course, my TE Full plexi covers will work just fine. Here's my old Gundam artwork and plexi from my 1st Gen TE. So the TE Extended and TE Regular (if you want to grab a bezel somewhere for the TE Regular) will work perfectly as well.

I've tested the TE Full and Extended Panel Replacements and they fit just fine. I've also tested the TE Side and TE Bottom plexi's and they also fit. So I'm just going to leave the TE products as is and label them "Compatible" with the TE-S.

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