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HRAP Top loaders ver 2

The HRAP Top loaders have been modified!

The installation/application of them remain the same. The modification was to make them easier to install, more durable during transport, and even longer lasting than before!

In short, there is now a hex nut in the center of the top loader so we're not reliant on manually tapping/threading the plastic, and the handle is easily applied and removed so you don't have to worry about it breaking off prematurely.

Here's how the new Top Loaders are designed.

First you'll see the pieces. This is just for informational purposes as your final product will be put together.

The two tiny nubs are snapped into the bottom segment. This will hold the hex nut in place.

Then the top is snapped into place. Notice the pink film. This is the adhesive part when you pull off the film. Once snapped together, it will stay in place. It is not easily separated. You would have to use some effort to pull these apart. But once you apply them to your HRAP, you won't have to worry about it coming apart.

Now comes the handle. It's designed to fit the openings of the top. Once inserted, it's snug and firm so it won't just pop off. But it can be easily pulled off too, once it's applied to your HRAP so you don't have to snap it off like before.

So other than these modifications, the installation remains the same. And because the handle can easily attach and detach, we can ship them in a flatter setup so they won't be damaged through shipping.

Again, our products continue to evolve as we find better ways to produce them. We aim for high quality products to service the fighting game community. Thanks very much!

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