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About Madcatz UMK TE Plexi Covers.

What is the Madcatz UMK Plexi cover?
The Madctaz UMK Plexi cover is made for the official Madcatz UMK Panel metal replacement. For those interested in converting their TE into a UMK format fightstick, you can purchase the Madcatz UMK replacement panel. Gameshark sells them, and here are a couple of links to it:

USA Link: USA Gameshark.com
UK Link: UK Gameshark.net

Once you have decided to replace your metal panel, you can swap the artwork with my UMK Plexi covers and artwork print and cut services. My 1/16" Plexi covers will only work with the Official Madcatz panels. They will not work as a standalone panel.

This is the UMK Replacement panel with the original artwork removed. Sold by Madcatz.

This is the 1/16" UMK Plexi Cover to be used with the UMK replacement panel. Also comes in TE Extended and TE Full (TE-S) versions. Sold by Art's Hobbies (here).

Continue below for a brief overview of how to install the UMK panels/covers.

How to install? (Brief overview)

1) Unscrew all 6 screws around the panel, pull out the quick disconnects from the buttons, remove buttons, joystick ball, and joystick from your original panel.

2) Remove the initial artwork from the official UMK Panel and install on top of your fightstick. Screw joystick back on to the metal panel joystick mount

3) Apply artwork and UMK Plexi cover, install buttons and joystick ball top. Screw back in and that's pretty much it. Simple.

Installing Extended and Full covers. (Brief overview)
The Madcatz UMK Panel appears to come in Round One format, which uses the bezel. However, this panel fits the TE-S fightstick just fine.

You just have to install the UMK panel and remove the bezel. Once the bezel is removed, you can fit the TE-Extended and TE-Full versions of the UMK plexi cover.

Just remove the bezel from the fightstick

Apply the panel back on the fightstick without the red bezel and now you can apply the TE Extended or TE Full plexi covers.

Example of the TE Extended plexi cover with artwork. The Extended version covers the Bezel's area, to give the stick a rounded edge, and bordered look, without the bezel.

Example of the TE Full plexi cover with artwork. Fits the TE-S, and all other versions of the earlier TEs.

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