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All orders are Made-to-Order and can take from 10 to 14 days to ship.

Razer Atrox Plexi Covers
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These are plexi covers for the Razer Atrox fightstick

** Plexi-Covers do not replace the metal panel, they are placed on top of it.
*** Artwork Sold Separately

Artwork Print and Cut - Atrox
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Your submitted artwork will be cut to the Razer Atrox configuration.

The service is for high quality laser print of your artwork, handling, template adjustment and labor with laser cutting. I do not sell the art. That is provided by you.

This will also run an extra step to cut out the button pieces to fit in Seimitsu or Sanwa 30mm buttons *Observe pictures inside*.

Artwork is print on cardstock (non-adhesive) and does not include plexi-cover.

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