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A replacement clear panel for the Razer Atrox Fightstick
Sample artwork and panel together. *Artwork not included*
Razer Atrox Plexi Covers

The 3/32" clear plexi is a replacement to the original plexi that came with the Razer Atrox. Our more common thickness of 1/16" was too thin, and the 1/8" was a bit thicker and had a more noticeable protrusion, so we are using a 3/32" thickness to make this a more accurate replacement. However, the 3/32" is still a tad thicker than the original plexi, by an extra 0.04". While barely noticeable, it is still worth mentioning.

Other color options are no longer available. As colors are only available in 1/8" thickness, there have been mixed reports that the 1/8" thickness interferes with button snap-ins. As a result, we are removing the 1/8" color options.

Configuration (Select the format of your Plexi Cover) :

Regular 8 Buttons

First 6 Buttons

Last 6 Buttons

Vewlix 7 Buttons

Optional Cut Options
Do NOT cut Turbo Area
* If Atrox, VS, TE or HRAP, you must remove Turbo area on the stick first

Color Options
3/32" Clear

Optional Button Label Etching
Etch XBox 360 Labels ( Add $1.25 )
Etch XBox One Labels ( Add $1.25 )

Optional Custom Text Etching (Enter text in text boxes to purchase)
For Font samples Click here

Lower Left Corner @ 36pt Font ( Max 20 Char Add $1.75 )
Text : Font :

Lower Right Corner @ 36pt Font ( Max 20 Char Add $1.75 )
Text : Font :

Under Turbo/Guide Area @ 24pt Font ( Max 20 Char Add $1.50 )
Text : Font :

Optional Custom Image Etching
Small Etch : 5" x 5" ( Add $5.75 )
* Not for 1/32" thickness
Large Etch : Full Cover ( Add $10.75 )
* Not for 1/32" thickness

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