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Let me try and figure out the shipping costs. If you're in the US, select your state. If you're outside of the US, select the country that I'm currently supporting shipments to.

Please select your shipping location for shipping price calculations:
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International * If your country is not listed. Contact me for details.
  The ability to Waive Shipping and add to a previous order is no longer available

Sorry, due to having so many transactions to deal with and with some additions to orders being several days apart, I've had issues where the additions were missed due to different timing in batch processing.

Please take your time and carefully think through what you want to order. Take your time to read through the descriptions and plan out your purchase.

If any modification to your order is needed, the order will be cancelled for a new one to be made, which may or maynot delay your order. So PLEASE just take your time. Thanks!

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